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Duo show with Jens Brand, galerie weisser elefant, Berlin 2022-2023

GHOSTS is the first non-collaboration of the Berlin based artists Noa Heyne & Jens Brand. The show presents fragments of sculpture and sound. Some are directly related, such as a dead satellite being rocked to sleep, or a motor speaking with the voice of a bird [...]

The Installation by Noa Heyne - "Satellite Cradle" - brings back to earth a group of dead satellites, giving them a well-deserved funeral, or a final lullaby. It is a lamentation for space-junk, and a grieving for the loss of touch and gravity. Five heavy, awkward looking creatures lie on the floor and are animated and cradled by rotating motors. In a separate room, another one hovers in the air; tied to ropes that go through a partition wall, it can only be moved by an audience who is blind to its actions.

Motor interface: Graeme Mitchell

Heyne’s installations are interconnected with the sound and video works of Jens Brand. Brand’s works –“Door“ and "Floor“ – focus on essentially volatile elements, and relate to the active memory of the visitors and the periphery of the exhibition space. While “Floor” focuses literally and simply on a specific spot on the squeaking wooden floor, in "Door“ an array of motors seem to have their own agenda of listening and speaking, while imitating and interacting with the sound created by Heyne’s works and everything that goes on in the gallery.


Motor-interface, construction and programming: Sukandar Kartadinata 

Die Schwermut des Weltraumschrotts, by Paula Marie Kehl:!5893276/

GHOSTS Hosting Sukandar Kartadinata and Edegar Starke
for a sound and movement performance, 


"In his performance at galerie weisser elefant, Sukandar Kartadinata’s guitar will provide the input, while the16 motors of Jens Brand's "door" will deliver the sonic output. This is in line with some of Sukandar’s other projects, where he eschews the normal guitar amp and uses transducers mounted to architectural elements or converts the guitar case into the sound source. The "door piece" is the latest of the 25 year long lasting joint venture of Sukandar and Jens.

Sukandar’s sound will intertwine with Edegar Starke’s movement sequence, happening simultaneously in two other rooms in the gallery. Collaborating with Noa Heyne, Starke will dive into a silent, scattered dialogue with a group of dead satellites, guided by their motion and by the analogue and digital sounds produced by motors and sculptures. Through reciprocity and attunement, he will explore the possibility of life in and through objects.

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