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Home Taxidermy: Room

2018-2019. Wood, paper, concrete, pulleys, ropes spring links. Dimensions variable. 

ZK/U (Center for Art and Urbanism), Berlin.


HOME TAXIDERMY is an ongoing project that looks at attempts of individuals and communities to rebuild their homes in a new place, and asks questions about the possibilities of preservation and restoration in the context of home and identity. 

HOME TAXIDERMY: ROOM is a participatory event, in which audience is invited to turn fragmented memories of previous dwellings into form. Audience members tell stories of their first bedroom, and then turn them - together with the artist - into miniature structures.

The first workshop took place at ZK/U Berlin, in February 2019.

Yasemine, Turkey
Talia, Jerusalem
Alejandra, Argentina
Jasu, Turkey
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